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Vision & Mission

Passionate involvement with nature and the preservation of our environment, hence, giving birth to sustainable tourism and healthy beings.

AlamKulKul Boutique Resort is unequivocal in it’s commitment and dedication in anticipating and responding to the insdustry, guest needs and our employees. We incessantly strive for excellence by using as our driving force innovation and creativity.

This driving force sets us apart as market leaders and trendsetters.

We also recognize the need to provide a positive working environment that not only attracts and retains talented employees, but also develops and trains future leaders.

The attributes espoused are fundamental in developing superior performance levels in companies managed by us, which will consequentially maximize returns to owners.

We advocate virtues of good character through caring, good citizenship trustworthiness, responsibility, respect and fairness.
We believe in caring for the environment for future generations.

“We do not bequeath but return this beautiful planet to the children of our chldren”.  Feisol

We develop a clean and clear plan on environmental management, and ensure it is carefully adhered to in all of our companies.

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